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D Weisbrot, Royal Institute of Australia (RiAus) Science Behind the Headlines: YOUR GENETIC PROFILE – LAW AND ETHICS, recorded 25 June 2013,

D Weisbrot, “Many massacres later, Obama gets serious on gun law reform”, 17 January 2013, The Conversation, gun-law-reform-11648

D Weisbrot quoted in Bianca Hall and Judith Ireland, “Abuse victims may get payout”, WA Today (and also in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald), 12 January 2013, news/abuse-victims-may-get-payout-20130111-2clj4.html#ixzz2ICmZqVNl

D Weisbrot quoted in Jessica Marszalek, “Call for leaders to take action on guns”, 17 December 2012, The Daily Telegraph p6, at action-on-guns/story-e6freuy9-1226537937592; also reported in the Herald-Sun at fndo317g-1226537937592;  and in Adelaide Now at fndo1sdf-1226537937592

D Weisbrot quoted in David Wroe, “Gillard and Swan bite at Premier’s paper on ending compulsory voting”, 4 January 2013, Sydney Morning Herald, p4 and ending-compulsory-voting-20130103-2c77p.html

D Weisbrot interviewed on ‘Tragedy at Sandy Hook’ (US gun control in light of the Connecticut primary school massacre), ABC TV News 24 ‘Weekend Breakfast’ with Joe O’Brien (producer Emma Pearce), 10.10-10.17am; available at: the-news/Tragedy-at-Sandy-Hook

D Weisbrot, ‘Super PACs and Bags of Cash Fail to Stop Obama’s Ground Game’, 14
November 2012, The Conversation fail-to-halt-obamas-ground-game-10622; also reproduced with permission at  and reproduced at:

D Weisbrot, ‘Tea Party goes cold as US voters reject the far right’, 9 November 2012,

D Weisbrot quoted (wildly out of context, but still) in Piers Ackerman, ‘All Obama offers is more hope’, 8 November 2012, The Daily Telegraph, at Obama-offers-is-more-hope on the likely economic after-effects of Obama’s re-election

D Weisbrot, Pre-recorded interview with Cathy Bell of ABC News Radio on the US elections, the Electoral College etc, aired on 6-7 November 2012

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D  Weisbrot,  ‘There  is  Nothing  Wrong  with  Designer  Babies:  The  Arguments  Against”, 18 September 2012, Intelligence Squared Debate in the City Recital Hall, Sydney (ABC-TV broadcast and St James Ethics Centre podcast)

D Weisbrot, ‘Is it wrong to design a baby?’ (interview by Natasha Mitchell), 17 September
2012, ABC Radio Nationals Life Matters

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D Weisbrot, ‘We’ve cracked the genetic code, now what?’ 14 June 2011,
The Conversation,

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