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Besides Gleebooks,  So You Want to be a Lawyer? is now available online at and Amazon and (among other sites):

‘So You Want To Be A Lawyer – A guide for current and prospective students in Australia.’

A NEW book by Professor David Weisbrot.

So You Want To Be A Lawyer? Cover

So you want to be a lawyer? is the first comprehensive Australian guide written for people who are contemplating enrolling in a law degree, whether as an undergraduate or as a postgraduate — as well as for those who are already enrolled but wondering why, or where their law degree may lead them. This essential guide provides:
  • the basic structures of the Australian legal professions, and the best reasons for studying, or not studying, Law at university
  • the history and development of legal education in Australia, including the modern trend towards clinical education and professional skills development
  • a description of each of the 37 Australian university law schools, highlighting what each institution offers and what it believes makes it unique
  • an invaluable checklist of the features, factors and costs to be considered in making an informed decision about which law school to choose — including information addressed to Indigenous students; women; LGBTI students; students with a disability; and those from rural, remote and regional Australia
  • insights into the life of a law student, including survival strategies, study tips and getting the most out of student life
  • an original analysis of the highly dynamic Australian legal professions, which are rapidly adapting to a new environment prompted by competition, information and communications technology and globalisation, leading to a range of exciting new career paths.
    So you want to be a lawyer? provides all of the information any prospective law student will need to make an informed and intelligent decision about the best place for them to study, what to study and where it all might lead.